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Specializing in motivational, educational    
and meaningful professional development
seminars and materials for counselors.
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Counseling Today offers presentations on Counselor Preparation – Comprehensive Plan, Guidance Program, etc.; Character
Education/Character Development; Curriculum Development; Closing the Achievement Gap; Bully Prevention; Community
Development; Classroom Management; Body Image; Parenting Education and continues to build programs as needed by schools and
districts.  Contact us through this web-site, by e-mail or by phone.
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Become  a School Counselor
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    Founded in 2001, the Vision of Counseling Today is to empower today's professional school counselors to advocate for their students through
    their support and counseling  programs within schools by providing professional school counselors with the knowledge, skills and resources to
    expand their capabilities and influence.      We believe that professional counselors provide solutions that result in increased student success in the
    school, the home, the community and the world.  

    The Mission of Counseling Today is to improve the quality of school culture and climate and foster a genuine belief in success for all students by
    providing  professional development and curriculum.  We provide services and materials that are designed to help students, parents, and the
    community reach the whole child.  

Counseling  Today
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