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Comprehensive School Counseling Program
based on the ASCA National Model
Learn about the characteristics that must be part of your Comprehensive Development Plan to assure that is institutionalized in your school and in your district.  The focus will be on incorporating these characteristics into your school
counseling program.  Participants will gain ideas and skills for working with administrators, governing board members, teachers, parents and the community to assure the institutionalization of the Counseling Program and the Counselor

Character Education/Character Development
with a focus on life goals
Discuss character education as a teaching philosophy .  Practical approaches and lessons have been adopted successfully in several academic systems.  Based on Dr. Rose's best selling books, Building a Champion Character,
Primary and Building a Champion Character, Intermediate.

Academic Achievement
Curriculum Development
This interactive presentation reveals valuable insights and ideas to help administrators, teachers and all educators plan curriculum for students to attain a higher level of success while managing the social and personal situations in the
real world. The focus is on blending social skills curriculum with academic curriculum to attain the highest level of student achievement.

Academic Achievement
Closing the Achievement Gap
This presentation will explore teaching and learning styles, instructional strategies and counseling techniques for developing effective skill that lead to student success across the barriers.  The focus is on enhancing quality instruction
and building those relationships that increase all student proficiency.

Personal/Social Skills
Bully Prevention
Whatever the reason, bullying is something we all need to think about. Whether we've done it ourselves ... or whether friends or other people we know are doing it ... we all need to recognize that bullying has a terrible effect on the
lives of young people.  Working together, we can make the lives of young people better. As an adult, one of best ways you can help stop or prevent bullying is to be educated about, and sensitive to, the issue.  Research shows that
the effects of bullying can last well into adulthood. Whether you are a concerned parent, an educator or school employee, or someone else who works with children, this seminar will provide any things you can do to help.

Personal/Social Skills
Body Image
Today's standards of beauty and attractiveness are unrealistic.  Unattainable images are used to sell everything from automobiles to vitamins.  It's not a coincidence that body image disturbances among today's youth are widespread,
contagious and toxic.  This interactive and solution focused seminar will provide educators with an in-depth understanding of body image, how the media operates, resources to empower student - both male and female, and tools to
teach educators and parents how to help their children build a lifelong healthy self-image.

Ethics and Civic Virtues
for all levels of education based on universal principles and core values        
An overview of how common values, such as belief in equality and a diverse society, respect for the views of others and concern for those who come after us are associated with ethical concepts of personal accountability.  Includes
information about adding ethical components to subjects, assignments, community discussions and more.

Discretion at the Work Place
Resolving and preventing conflict
An in-depth analysis and provides step-by-step techniques to build relationships, solve problems and deal proactively with incivility and/or conflicts involving clients, peers, colleagues, supervisors and others at the work place.  This
seminar also provides an overview of kindness as an act of responsible independence.  This seminar focuses on perception, morale, civility, sensitivity, and community at the work place.

Values at the Work Place
for both students and staff
An overview of courage, responsibility, honesty, trust, kindness, civility, fairness, respect, and tolerance.  Meant to introduce basic character-education concepts and stimulate discussion about "gray" areas of ethics and
problem-solving at the work place.

I don't have time for stress
Taking care of YOU so you can take care of them
Stress is an integral part of the job for most educators.  This session will identify stressors in our daily lives, discuss ways to  prevent rnout and show ways to take care of the person who takes care of everyone else.

And more ...        
I continue to build programs as needed by schools and districts.
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