Self-Image War: Body Image

Self-Image is one of the most recognized problems in our pre-teenagers. They are going through many hormone changes that cause them to doubt their own physical acceptance. The best thing we can do to help them is to share in their identity crisis and identify with them through stories of our own, either past or present.

A good example of this occurred in the private Christian school where I taught. Each teacher brought in pictures of themselves from their middle school years to show at an assembly. As the pictures were shown, the teacher’s goals at that time in his/her life were announced along with some of other stories of his/her life. One of these stories was an embarrassing moment from adolescence. All of the pictures had an impact on the students, because they appreciated their teachers being willing to be so open with them. But, one picture gave a particular impression. The teacher is one of the prettiest teachers in the school with long, blonde hair and beautiful eyes. Yet, in middle school, she wore extra thick glasses and had short, seemingly unmanageable hair. The students were shocked. It encouraged them to see that we all go through an “awkward stage”.

In order to help them through this stage more effectively, we must first love and accept ourselves enough to open ourselves up to them. This is where the idea of removing the mote from our own eye comes in. We must first heal ourselves before we can help anyone else.

We will first begin with body image. Your body image and the way you feel and care about your body is an essential part of your overall sense of self worth and level of self-esteem, therefore, improving your body image can help you make lasting and meaningful improvements to your overall self-image and vice versa.

Body image is the picture you have of your body—what it looks like to you and what you think it looks like to others. In other words, it is the view or perception that you have of your physical appearance. For many people, low self-esteem is caused by a negative body image, while for others it is low self-esteem that comes first and the negative body image that follows from it. Often our bodies are mirrors—they reflect how we feel about ourselves. What does your body say about you? In what ways does it reflect your overall sense of self worth? Does your body say, “I feel really good about myself” or does it say, “I feel really crappy about myself?” (Engel, 2006)


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Welcome to the launch of the new and improved Counseling Today website and my first blog post! I am Dr. Susan Rose, CEO of Counseling Today, and I am so excited to share with you MORE of what Counseling Today has to offer! The amount of ideas and inspiration whirling around in my head, collected over a lifetime of education and experience, is ready to jump out. I wanted to start by telling you why I created this blog, what you will be seeing more of in my posts, and my overall experience of revamping my website.

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Why I started the blog

Since I have been in education and especially since I became a Counselor Educator, many have asked “Why don’t you write a book?!” I have spent the most current years of my career in higher education, but have many years experience as a school counselor and teacher in both private and public schools. This experience, along with my education and research, established a broad spectrum of experience from which to draw and placed me in situations which prompted this blog so that I could informally share what I’ve learned with fellow counselors as well as parents. Additionally, writing is another one of my passions, so it seems natural to combine two of my passions (school counseling and writing) with this blog.

What you will be seeing in my posts

Counseling will obviously be the main topic of my blog, but get ready because you will be seeing much more of the face behind Counseling Today (me), and a mixture of what I’ve picked up along the way throughout my career, including counseling strategies, parenting techniques, and self-care. I may be a “perfectionist” but I am nowhere near perfect. That’s one of the main messages I want to convey with this blog – that we are all just trying to get through this life the best way we can. But, if we support each other, we can make it better for all of us. Please feel free to always share your experiences and communicate with me along the way! I hope to inspire you because, truthfully, I believe that one cannot help others without helping themselves. So, we’re all in this together.

Revamp experience

After being inspired to start my blog, I wanted to act fast. Yet, I learned that this is not a fast task. Not only did I want to start a blog, but after having my business for almost twenty years, I was ready to totally revamp my brand and website which I initially created on my own. Originally, the company and the website was focused on selling curriculum that I wrote. The new direction is to share information through the blog as well as through Professional Development workshops and seminars. The new website and this blog reintroduces us.