Finding the Way Back from the Love Story

During the past year and half, I stepped away from the grief blog, which focuses generally on my journey with the grief of losing that amazing man, to be intentional about remembering the love that we shared. As the depth of grief is equal to the love shared in a relationship, I hoped that being intentional and specific about focusing on the blessing of his love would be more deeply healing as I floundered in early grief. (The “Love Story” blog can be found at

I am happy to report that it was healing in several ways:

  1. The worries over forgetting parts of the journey are put to rest. Now, it is written down.
  2. I was able to relive memories that were there in the back of my mind, but that I hadn’t thought of in quite a while.
  3. My grandchildren, especially my grand-daughter, have enjoyed reading it. That was a bonus I hadn’t anticipated.

I encourage you to journal, but especially to record your own history/love story. It had been quite beneficial.

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