The Engagement – June 19, 1982

Although you had unofficially mentioned marriage before, this is the day that you officially proposed – or so it seemed.

We were walking around Central Park and decided to cross the street to Stationers, a local greeting card store similar to Hallmark, to have shirts made. At this time, personalization things were altogether in one store. We had off-white quarter-length T-shirts made. Your had “Susan’s” in navy small letters on the front where a pocket would normally be and “Susan’s” in larger navy letters on the back. Mine was the same with “Bob’s”. I wish we still had these shirts, but we loved them so much that we wore them. However, pictures of them are in our dating album.

While the shirts were being made, we walked around the store. I stopped and looked through the wedding announcements because I’ve always loved all things wedding. You were looking over my shoulder at them as I am so much shorter than you. When I got to the announcement that actually did become ours, you said, “That’s what ours should look like.” I turned around, agreed, and hugged you. And, we considered ourselves officially engaged.

The Wedding Announcement/Invitation

You then told me that you had called the day before and were able to extend your leave until June 30, so you wouldn’t have to leave the following day. And, that is how we were engaged four days after we met.