THE Dress

One the car was bought and we moved the wedding to June 4, I was then in full wedding planning. Not that I hadn’t been before, but it seemed more real now. I had purposefully waited until January when the Spring and Summer lines were out to shop for the dress. But, now it was time.

One Saturday in late January/early February, Mom and Jason had UK basketball tickets. They bought an extra one for Barney, and Kim and I decided to use this day to shop for wedding dresses in Lexington. We dropped them off at the game and headed to the shops. The dress was the first one I tried on. Yet, I wanted to be sure. So, we went to several other shops and tried on many more. We had to wait for the game to be over after all. 🙂

Once the game was over, we picked up the rest of the gang an went to the first shop. We had narrowed it down to two dresses. I put both back on. The family thought the one we didn’t choose was too much dress. It was aw full ball gown with the “cup-cake” underskirt and even more ruffles and material. The dress was perfect. I love it to this day. We have had a picture of me in it hanging in each of our bedrooms through the years, and it is still in our bedroom today.