1990 – 1991

1990 began yet another new adventure. I went back to school to complete my Bachelor’s degree in education. You went without sleep, almost, to support my dream of becoming a teacher. David was such a big helper with his little sister. She loved to swing, and he would crank the swing and/or push her in it. And, he was thrilled when she was able to walk. We realized that he had expected a playmate when he asked, “When’s this baby going to do anything” when she about a week old. She was now able to do “things”.

These years are a blur to me as far as memories. I’m sure it was because we were so busy. This biggest thing that I remember is that we were so excited that both kids were out of diapers. Still, these were fun years, because were were a family together. You enjoyed every minutes of being a Dad, and you worked so hard at making us all so happy.