1995 – 1996

David and Lauren were getting older, and we beginning to outgrow the Avondale Court house. So, we began looking for a larger home. We couldn’t find anything that quite fit the bill for us, so we decided to build. We bought a lot in the Stone Lakes neighborhood in Jeffersontown just about a mile down Taylorsville Road from Avondale Court. We were very excited until the builders hit rock. The cost to break up the rock for the basement put us over our budget. While we still felt comfortable going forward with the build, we went out on a whim one Sunday afternoon to find open houses. The build was stressing us!

The house where I am sitting writing this was just put on the market that day as a “For Sale by Owner”. We went in and saw that this house was the exact plan that we were building. However, this was already built, complete with a finished basement. We knew we could get out of the building contract, because the removal of rock forced the cost above the top of the price range for the builders to enforce it. So, we put a bid in that day. And, as they say, the rest is history. We moved in on June 30, 1996.

Then, about a month later, we returned to Disney World for the 25th anniversary celebration. Every day with you was wonderful, but vacations were special. You were more relaxed and childlike.

In the midst of all of this, you completed your Bachelor Science in Business Administration with a minor in Mangement Information Systems in 1996.